Introducing Conscious Yoga Collective: A Journey Inspired by Resilience

Conscious Yoga Collective, a sanctuary of mindfulness and self-discovery, was born from the vision of Nikki Collins, a remarkable individual with a diverse background. In her earlier years, Nikki excelled as a show jumper, horse dealer, and serial entrepreneur. However, fate dealt her a challenging hand when a hit and run incident left her grappling with severe physical and mental injuries, along with chronic pain, in her early twenties.

Despite trying various medications without success, Nikki's life took a transformative turn when she reluctantly delved into mindfulness at the suggestion of her medical team. Initially, these sessions were meant to help her cope with the challenges of an uncertain future, potentially requiring full-time care. But, unexpectedly, mindfulness meditation became the catalyst for a profound transformation, shaping her life in unforeseen ways.

Fuelled by this newfound passion, Nikki pursued qualifications in yoga, psychology, mindfulness, vegan cookery, hypnotherapy, breathwork, EFT, Vedic Astrology, and EM Yoga, becoming a Master Practitioner in NLP under its creator. Her multifaceted journey led her to create an award-winning toy and app, educating children about mindfulness, along with authoring a series of 40 children's books, empowering them to embrace mindfulness in their everyday lives.

Currently pursuing a PhD in Psychology, with a special focus on Consciousness, Nikki immerses herself in the vibrant culture of India, which has deeply influenced her life, studies, and teachings. Driven by a profound sense of gratitude, she endeavors to give back to the spiritual heritage that has bestowed so much upon her. Thus, Conscious Yoga Collective was founded to support local makers and initiatives across India, a heartfelt expression of her connection to the rich tapestry of this spiritually profound land.

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