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Welcome to CYC, the Conscious Yoga Collective, where every product tells a story of empowerment and sustainability.

Founded by Nikki Collins, a passionate yoga teacher and psychology PhD student, CYC was born out of a journey of self-discovery and resilience. Before CYC, Nikki embarked on a heartfelt mission with her toy company, aimed at instilling mindfulness in children—a passion ignited by her own journey of overcoming adversity. Suffering a head injury that curtailed her professional riding career, Nikki discovered the power of mindfulness as a coping mechanism. Her toy company was a testament to her commitment to spreading this invaluable practice to the next generation.

After leaving her toy company, Nikki sought inspiration in India. There, amidst the vibrant textiles and skilled artisans, she found her calling. Initially focusing on designing eco-friendly yoga mats crafted from recycled plastic bottles, Nikki's vision evolved as she fell in love with the craftsmanship of the local artisans. Thus, CYC expanded its offerings to include beautifully crafted tote bags, turning a social enterprise into a movement.

What started as a humble venture soon blossomed into a mission to empower communities and uplift artisans. Today, CYC proudly supports three factories of skilled craftsmen, fostering sustainable livelihoods and community development.

As CYC flourished, its evolution mirrored Nikki's own journey of adaptability and resilience. While the initial focus was on eco-friendly yoga mats and tote bags, the brand's vision expanded beyond the realms of yoga. Embracing change, CYC seamlessly transitioned into a globally distributed fashion brand, all while staying true to its roots of sustainability and social impact.

Despite the transformation, the name CYC remains a constant reminder of the brand's ethos—consciousness, adaptability, and collective empowerment. As we continue to grow and evolve, we invite you to be a part of our journey—a journey fueled by mindfulness, sustainability, and the enduring spirit of adaptability. Together, let's weave a future where fashion meets purpose, and consciousness transcends borders.

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