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Premium Grip Synergy Yoga Mat Sunset

Premium Grip Synergy Yoga Mat Sunset

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Premium Grip Synergy Yoga Mat


  • 3.5mm thickness
  • 178cm long and 61cms wide.
  • 2.2kgs.
  • Top layer made from Recycled PET containing 15 repurposed plastic bottles.
  • Natural, sustainable, tree rubber base
  • Vegan Suede
  • Made completely toxin free with water based inks.
  • Non-Slip yet Soft!
  • Ultra Absorbent and Easy to Clean

 Say Goodbye to a Sticky Sweaty Mat!


Introducing the Premium Grip Synergy Yoga Mat

Elevate your yoga experience with our meticulously designed Premium Grip Synergy Yoga Mat. Crafted with care and sustainability in mind, this eco-friendly mat is the perfect companion for your daily practice.

Featuring a comfortable 3.5mm thickness, ample space at 178cm long and 61cms wide, and a weight of 2.2kgs, this mat offers the ideal dimensions for your yoga journey. Embracing innovation, the top layer is ingeniously crafted from Recycled PET, incorporating 15 repurposed plastic bottles, making it a planet-friendly choice that contributes to environmental preservation.

The foundation of this mat is built on natural, sustainable tree rubber, ensuring a non-slip grip that keeps you grounded and supported throughout your practice. Topped with vegan suede and made entirely toxin-free with water-based inks, this mat prioritizes your well-being and comfort.

Experience the ultimate blend of non-slip technology and softness, as this mat boasts a microfiber top layer that is exceptionally absorbent. Say goodbye to sticky, sweaty mats and embrace the liberating feeling of a mat that complements your every move.

Designed with practicality in mind, the mat's natural tree rubber base not only provides excellent cushioning but also secures the mat to the floor, offering enhanced stability and protection for your knees during longer holds.

To ensure the longevity of your mat, we recommend rolling it pattern side facing out and the rubber side facing inwards. For easy care, hand wash gently with lukewarm water and a mild soap, then hang to dry away from direct sunlight. Preserving your mat from overexposure to sunlight will extend its natural properties, ensuring its longevity and continued high performance.

Embrace a superior yoga experience with our Premium Grip Synergy Yoga Mat, where sustainability meets comfort, and every practice becomes a celebration of harmony and well-being. 



  • Recycled PET
  • Natural Tree Rubber
  • Water Based Inks

Shipping & Returns

  • International Shipping Availble
  • 30 day returns on unused items (T&C's apply)


Care Instructions

Roll always with the pattern side facing out and the rubber side facing inwards.

Hand wash gently with lukewarm water and a gentle soap. Hang to dry away from direct sunlight. Overexposure to direct sunlight may effect the natural properties of the rubber causing them to have a shorter lifespan.

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